Friday, April 22, 2011

Conversations with Dan McNulty in Jersey City

Conversations with Dan McNulty in Jersey City by Andrew Blaize Bovasso (a link to his blog.)
He'd take images from this book...

Bovasso basically took the images from the Jersey City 1940-1960: The Dan McNulty Collection (Images of America series) rephotographed the locations at its current time and overlayed the two images. Some on the images are extremely sucessful at portraying the cycle of gentrification and how the buildings are reused/rebuilt/abandoned/demolished. 

The photo above shows the Palace Theater and its current state of non-existence. The combination of the two photos give us a ghostly sense of what was and what is. 

His Blurb Book

I wish he had a website. He only has the blurb preview and a blog that is not easy to navigate. I don't know a lot about Bovasso, except he graduated from MICA with a BFA (maybe in 2009?)

However his photosread with a clear intent (whether he intended this specifically or not.) His pushing the "before/after" shot by combining the two make it much more interesting and relatable to the visible cycle of the building/neighborhood/street.

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  1. This is so great. Dan McNulty was actually my grandfather. I have some really nice personal photos in my collection, but I love his old city shots, and I love Bovasso's idea, as well as his photos. What an honor.